20 Questions with a Writer

1. What is your preferred name?


2. What are you working towards?

I study English Literature in NUS, I’m working towards completing my degree :)

3. Where can we see your work?

(a) I have a poem published in the Singapore Poetry Writing Month journal!


(b) I’m also part of a writer’s collective called /Stop@BadEndRhymes, or /s@ber for short. We hold our own poetry workshops to give each other feedback. We’ve performed at different events in Singapore, like Spoke & Bird (a monthly open mic event) and Singapore Writers Festival. You can check out our Facebook page here:


4. When did you start liking to write?

I’ve always liked reading it as a kid. It was only when I started taking Literature it as a subject that I realised how empowering it could be to both the reader and writer.

5. How do you start doing Literature?

I was introduced to poetry during a slam poetry workshop in secondary school. I formally took Literature in junior college.

6. What separates your writing from others?

Honestly, I don’t think my writing is all that special. But I’d like to think I’m good at linking images together that are unconventional. According to feedback: my poetry creates space within constraint and has a floating/grey-matter atmosphere.

7. What is your favourite part of your work?

I like how prophetic and reflective writing can be. Some topics and issues repeat themselves and you can see a lot of the real world in what you read. I think lots of people discount literature for being fluffy. Or how it can’t make big changes to the world. But writing can be a direct reflection of the problems we face and how we never outgrow them.

8. What should we look forward to from you in 2020?

My current goal for writing is to improve it before I start submitting to journals. So, 2020 feels more like an ‘internal work’ year.

9. And in the long term?

I want to help other people be able to publish their voices. Editing and publishing might be a good way for me to contribute to the Literature scene in Singapore.

10. What other hobbies/jobs do you have?

I have a very severe love of taking naps.

11. What is your best quality?

Attention to detail!

12. What is your worst quality?

Perfectionist tendencies 😬

13. Describe yourself in 3 words

Tries her best :')

14. An unpopular opinion you have?

It’s not worth it to have children. It’s physically taxing, you sign 15-20 years of your life away to taking care of someone who might not appreciate it. And it feels bad bringing life into a burning world, you feel?

15. What is your star sign?

My sun sign is Virgo, moon sign is Leo and rising sign is Aquarius.

16. Do you believe in star signs?

I think they are cool and can be a way of guiding how to live your life. But I don’t necessarily believe or subscribe to it.

17. Live to eat or eat to live?

Eat to live. For a while in 2019, I had a pretty bad relationship with food (which has improved a lot, don’t worry!).

18. Favorite place you've travelled to?

New York City (haha, cliche but true!) I spent a total of around 40 days in New York City when I was on exchange.

Why do I love it? It’s great for solo travelling and for hanging with others. I had great friends who were working/studying there when I visited. I never ran out of things to do and it felt great being small in a big city.

19.The next top place you want to travel to?

I’d like to go back to Japan one day, specifically Tokyo and Osaka. I went as a kid so my memories of the places are pretty fuzzy. Now that I’m older and know that Japan is a safe place for solo travelling, I’d love to go back.

20. Lastly: the biggest life lesson you've learnt!

Do no harm but take no shit.